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We are a unique strategic consultancy
aiding some of the world's largest public law enforcement agencies
in preparing for or responding to issues related to use-of-force,
racial profiling and MACTAC / Active Shooter incidents

Use of Force

From issues management to internal policy development, we have extensive experience dealing with use-of-force issues

Racial Profiling &
Constitutional Policing

Our approach to community policing can provide a unique perspective and tangible solutions to agencies dealing with racial profiling issues.

MACTAC & Active Shooter

Agency preparedness for multi-assault counter-terrorism action capabilities and active-shooter scenarios is critical in today’s age.

Is your law enforcement agency as prepared as it should be?


  • Commentary on Sutherland Springs, Texas church shooting

    I recently appeared on Fox news to discuss the mass shooting event in Sutherland Springs Texas.  At the time, little information was developed about the shooter or motivations for the attack.  It is my policy to avoid speculation until facts are developed.  My response, in summary, was that the shooting was uncannily similar to the Newtown, Connecticut shooting in that it occurred in a small city where most, if not all, community members, first responders and medical personnel knew many of the victims.  The impact on the community will be felt for years.  Further, the resources required of a law enforcement agency could easily overwhelm local officials, requiring the assistance […]

  • More discussion on multiple location active shooters and the need for national platform

    On Sunday, June 19, 2016, I appeared on Channel 4’s “News Conference” with Conan Nolan to discuss the need for a national platform for multiple location active shooter events.    The program can be viewed here: Many first responders argue that the Incident Command System (ICS), sometimes call the National Incident Management System (NIMS)  is sufficient as a national platform for active shooter events.  However, that understanding is misguided.  ICS provides first responders with common lexicon and management tools to deal with an incident over a long time period.  The lack of common terms and policy on initial response is a problem.  For instance, in one jurisdiction, the police label […]

  • The Nation Needs a National Response Plan for Active Shooters

    I penned the following editorial published in “The Crime Report” on-line journal after the December terrorist attack in San Bernardino attack calling for a national plan to stop active shooters.  While there have been many “one-off” efforts by first responders, there continues to be a need for a national plan unifying first-responder protocols, deployment plans, tactics and terminology.  Terrorists used the attacks in Mumbai, Paris and now, Orlando, as effective strategies.  I predict that the inspired lone-wolf amorphous attack strategy will be preferred model for attack in the future.  It is effective, cheap, requires no direct involvement of the terrorist organization, requires little training and preparation, and is touted as […]

  • MACTAC 2.0 – The Next Generation of Response

    Whenever I teach in front of a group of firefighters and police officers, I have a string of jokes poking fun at firefighters. After all, how difficult can it be to spray water on a fire? In reality, firefighting is a highly technical and dangerous job. As my firefighter colleagues like to say, “God made firefighters so that cops could have heroes too.” They have a point.  In my instruction, I soon make it clear that cops need to think more like firefighters and firefighters need to think more like cops. The point being that in many cases, our disciplines must converge if we are to effectively respond to a […]